How many people can it accommodate? There is an alcove with bunk beds and a queen bedroom, so that’s 4. There is also a pullout futon in the living room but we’d really prefer not to have more than 4 people staying here.

How can we communicate with the outside world? There is no WiFi unless you bring it. Reception is good. TV has basic cable, Wii, and DVDs.

Is there a washer/dryer? Yes.

Where can we stock up? Tops Supermarket is a 5-minute drive on Main St. back towards Tannersville. It is open until 8pm. The local deli/gas station has basics and that’s a 10-minute walk down the path at the entrance to the Hunter Ski area.

Do I need a car for a weekend trip? Not if you’re planning to hit the slopes and stay close to home. From NYC you can take a shuttle bus to the gas station or the lodge and walk up to Hunter Highlands, but you will need to know where to cut through the trails on Hunter One and onto a little bridge. It’s about a 10-minute walk through the snow from the base lodge. At minimum, you can have meals at the base lodge or walk into town. Delivery menus are located in the mail holder by the front door.

What should I bring from home? Slippers and/or warm socks. The main room is not carpeted so the floor will be pretty cold even if the room itself is warm and cozy.

What is the kitchen set up? There is a coffeemaker, microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, condiments, pots and pans, and whatever you might need to make a decent meal. The bar seats 4 barstools, and there’s an extra one in the bedroom, in case you meet a friend on the slopes.

Is it kid-friendly? Yes. There is a guard rail available for either the queen bed or bottom bunk bed, and toys, books and games for all ages.

How about pets? Sorry, but no.

What is provided? Towels, sheets, extra blankets, bath toiletries. Stuff you’d expect to find at home. We hate arriving somewhere and realizing there are no coffee filters, sugar, or paper towels, don’t you?